With this unseasonably warm weather, you may have noticed that flowers are starting to bloom and runners are starting to run and birds are starting to fly… which means home buyers are starting to hunt. The home buying season has started early this year so if you are looking to list your house now is the time. Here are some quick tips to help you get your house in top condition to sell!

  1. Hide your winter decor. February might just be drawing to a close, but hide your snowmen. When crocuses are in bloom no one wants to see a parka on the coatrack. Bright, colorful, but understated and tasteful decorations are perfectly fine to pull out now, even if it seems a bit too soon in the year. Just go with the flow.
  2. Start your spring cleaning now. It always helps to remember that your home will sell and you will have to pack up your belongings eventually so you might as well start now. Beginning early and taking rooms in steps will make this seemingly daunting job more manageable.
  3. Clean up the yard. Winter can wreak havoc on a yard. Pick up sticks, rake leaves, remove dead debris, and tidy up over growth. It can make a world of difference… and give you something to do on these lovely 60 degree days!
  4. Spruce up your entryway! Pick up a cheerful new welcome mat, dust out the cobwebs, add a few planters (that can be moved inside easily in case of a frost). If you need to, paint your door or porch.
  5. Bring spring inside! Pick up some fresh flowers before a showing. Set up a diffuser with some essential oils by the door. Pick light citrus scents or lavender.
  6. Schedule a home inspection. Almost every potential buyer will be getting a home inspection. Prepare yourself and potentially get a higher price for your home by fixing problems prior to listing.
  7. What do you want to see when you walk in a home? Most people like clear open spaces. Think about your friend with the perfect home. What makes it that way? It doesn’t hurt to ask for advice. Your Realtor should be able to guide you through staging process. Let your agent help your curate your home.

With Spring just around the corner, it is time to get your home on the market. Contact one of our dedicated agents at James River Realty today.