With warmer weather just around the corner it’s time to clean up the yard. These are so simple that even those with the blackest thumb can do them.

1.) Clean out flowerbeds and garden areas of all debris. Pull any weeds. If your like a few of the agents at JRR you might not be able to distinguish weeds from real plants– ask someone who knows (we have a member of two Garden Clubs in our office) or Google it.

2.) Add moisture to the soil by adding compost or manure to it. A simple soil test can help you get the right ratio of nutrients.

3.) Prune old plants to promote new growth. (Wait until late April or early May to avoid pruning before the last frost of the year.)

4.) Add new mulch in addition to the compost in order to prevent weeds and disease.

5.) Now is the time to inspect and repair any edging or border walls. While you’re at it just go ahead and wash and repair any decks or porches. Might as well just get it done.

6.) If you’re the adventurous sort now is the time to plant your hardy vegetables like onions, potatoes, and some lettuces. You can also start seeds of less hardy plants indoors. (There are some folks who think that planting at night causes plants to grow faster and stronger. You might want to give it a shot.)

7.) The biggest thing to remember is to MAINTAIN your garden. Water your plants. Replace and turn the mulch as needed. Deadhead flowers as they start to droop.

These simple steps can make your garden go from “meh” to “WOW!” And, if you are looking to sell your home studies have shown that houses sell faster and for more money when flowers and plants are in full bloom. If you have been waiting to sell now is the time to contact one of James River Realty’s qualified agents today!

Photo Credit: Leslie Giles